PTFE Coated Fiberglass Siliconeadhesive Tape

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Siliconeadhesive Tape

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PTFE Coated fiberglass silicone adhesive tape is easier used inapplication.The tapes could easily clings to the hot rollers forprotecting form acid, alkali,and stains,etc.Being stuck to theheating up flat to reduce the friction.
Also being used in plastic model and wrapping of cable. Being usedin sealing of the hot plastic par ts.
bonding UPVC sections for doors and windows.

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PTFE roll with self-adhesive back. Width: 25 mm; optional length: 5 m.

High Quality

Our PTFE tape is pressure-resistant, corrosion-resistant, abrasion-resistant, high-temperature resistant,
smooth surface, low-friction. High temperature resistance from -196 ° C to 300° C.

Widely Used

Ideal for a variety of home and commercial projects such as high speed sealing machine, food packaging, hot melt machine, 3D printing, high temperature powder coating, etching etc.

Easy To Use

Simply pull the tape off the roll and place it in the right place. Self-adhesive Teflon tape is easy to apply and remove without leaving any residue.

Make Sure The Equipment Runs Smoothly

Pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive tapes offer excellent drainage properties and non-stick coated surfaces, replace deteriorated or burned-out Teflon tape / PTFE tape so that machines and equipment can run smoothly and efficiently.

Product Features

The PTFE coated fiberglass tape is high temperature resistance, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-stick coated. The
maintenance worker used it to isolate the components near the thermal chip when working BGA, and it works great!

Fiberglass tape performs well at continuous temperatures. Resistant to tears, cuts, abrasion and wear.
PTFE self-adhesive glass fabric has good mechanical strength and extremely high resistance.

Any areas needing heat resistance or product release
All Meao PTFE tapes are manufactured by coating one side of our high quality PTFE fabric with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive.These products are designed to withstand operational environments of up to 260 deg C(500F), and they can be used in direct contact with food. Our tapes come supplied with a convenient yellow release liner fro wasy installation.

PTFE Adhesive Tapes – PTFE coated adhesive backed tapes are high performance products that offer excellent release characteristics whilst being able to cope with extreme temperatures. They are manufactured with a high temperature resistant surface with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive.

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