PTFE Coated Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Mesh Fabric

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PTFE Mesh Fabric are made from high quality open mesh wovenfiberglass coated with ptfe resin.The open mesh area allowsmaximum air flow optimising drying times.
lt is widely used for drying machine, silk-printing and dyeingmachine,shrinking machine, hot-air dryer, various of food baking, etc.

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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Mesh Cloth

PTFE Coated fiberglass cloth is a kind of high-performance and multi-purpose composite material. It is made of glass fiber cloth and then coated with imported PTFE material. The unique design of the mesh improves its air permeability and heat dissipation, reducing heat consumption and drying time. It can be used in the temperature range from -140℃ to 360 ℃ for a long time. The special PTFE coating extends the life of the fabric and provides superior water, oil, stain and heat resistance. It also provides good flexibility, puncture and tear resistance. Standard colors include brown, grey and black, and also, we can customize any color, size to meet your special requirements.



1. It is safe and non-toxic which is suitable for food production.
2. It is resistant to the corrosion of almost any chemical.
3. The surface of this fabric does not stick to anything, making cleanup a breeze.
4. It provides good flexibility and folding resistant.
5. It has strong tensile strength with good mechanical properties.
6. It is a perfect electrical insulator and is widely used in making conveyor belts.


Application range


Meao offers a vast array of PTFE woven fabrics. Available in 2mm to 10mm and hole size up to 4000mm/157".
Meao High Temperature Fabrics have a woven fiberglass cloth substrate which has been coated with PTFE.In addition to providing the properties of excellent release, abrasion resistance,low friction and chemical resistance, these fabrics are dimensionally stable from–140℃∼+360℃(-284℉to +680℉).

The mesh belt is one kind of high performance and multipurposecomposite material, which is high quality glass fiber coated with thePTFE emulsion.

  Continuly work under -140℃ to 260°C , maxresist hight temperature up to 360°℃

  Chemical resistance.Be resistant tovarious organic solvent.

  Air permeability of the conveyor beltcan reduce the heat-consuming, andimprove the drying efficiency.

  Good stability in size, high strength,good mechanical performance

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