• Teflon tape main performance characteristics and Other names

    Other names for Teflon Tape: Teflon tape, Teflon tape, Teflon tape, PTFE tape, PTFE tape, Teflon adhesive tape, Teflon adhesive tape, Teflon adhesive tape, Teflon adhesive tape Teflon tape main performance characteristics: 1, used for low temperature -196℃, high temperat...
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  • Main performance and application of Teflon mesh belt

    What is Teflon? Teflon high performance coating is PTFE matrix resin fluorine coating, English name for Teflon, because of pronunciation, is often called teflon, iron Fulon, Teflon. Teflon is a unique high performance coating that combines heat resistance to chemical inertia with excellent insula...
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  • Advantages, performance and application scope of solar laminate

    Main performance characteristics of solar laminate: 1, Solar laminate used for low temperature -196℃, high temperature between 350℃, with climate resistance, anti aging. After the practical application, such as in 250℃ high warmth under the continuous placement of 200 days, not only the strength ...
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