Main performance and application of Teflon mesh belt

What is Teflon?

Teflon high performance coating is PTFE matrix resin fluorine coating, English name for Teflon, because of pronunciation, is often called teflon, iron Fulon, Teflon. Teflon is a unique high performance coating that combines heat resistance to chemical inertia with excellent insulation stability and low friction. It has the combined advantages that no other coating can compete with. Its flexibility allows it to be used on products of all shapes and sizes. It is divided into PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE several basic types.

Ii. Main performance characteristics of Teflon Grid conveyor belt:

1, for low temperature -196℃, high temperature between 300℃, with climate resistance and aging. After practical application, such as in 250℃ high temperature under the condition of 200 days in a row, not only the strength will not be reduced, but also the weight is not reduced; When placed at 350℃ for 120 hours, the weight is only reduced by about 0.6%; It can maintain the original softness under the ultra-low temperature of -180℃.

2, not easy to adhere to any substance, easy to clean attached to the surface of all kinds of oil stains, stains and other sticky attachments.

3, chemical corrosion resistance, strong acid and alkali, aqua regia and a variety of organic solvents corrosion.

4, good dimensional stability, high strength. It has good mechanical characteristics.

5, bending fatigue resistance, can be used for small wheel diameter.

6, drug resistance, non-toxic. Can withstand almost all pharmaceutical items.

7, fire retardant.

8, good air permeability, reduce heat consumption, improve drying efficiency.

Application scope of Teflon grid conveyor belt:

1, textile printing and dyeing: printing drying, bleaching cloth drying, fabric shrinkage drying, non-woven drying drying road, drying room conveyor belt.

2. Screen printing: loose dryer, offset press, UV series light setting machine, paper oiling drying, UV drying, plastic products screen printing drying, drying road, drying room conveyor belt.

3, other items: high cycle dryer, microwave drying, freezing and thawing of all kinds of food, baking, thermal shrinkage of packaging items, general water-containing items, rapid drying of flux-type ink and other oven guide belt.

Post time: Nov-09-2022